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Specialized teaching for International students


  • Computer Science University Professor
  • Taught thousands of great students.
  • Taught in multiple continents and multiple decades.
  • Artificial Intelligence researcher.
  • Teaches International students.
  • Qualified English teacher

This website exists to truly help people, all people so that they can learn for free and to have access to any of the information on this website. We aim to bring information technology (IT) to people, to educate people about computers, IT and programming. And to do this in a way that is easy to understand so it is easy to learn.

Dr Codie YouTube Channel

Teaching learners in a wide range of computer science and information technology subjects including programming in an ‘easy to understand’ method is crucial when English is not the first language of some of your class. Hence the start of the YouTube channel it was called “Programming in simple English”


To give. To take the time to learn as much information as possible about computers, IT and programming, and translate that into a simple form. Then study teaching approaches and skills to best be able to pass on that knowledge to learners to the best of my ability and for the most benefit of those learners.


To help as many people to learn about IT, computers and computer programming in an easy and enjoyable manner, to benefit the learner.

Alps Academy

Courses specialized in providing simple to understand material to learn programming and other computer related areas.

This website also provides help with academic studies and English designed for International students.


Who are we?

Professional teachers at University with decades of experience over multiple continents that have taught students from all over the world

What do we do?

We wish to teach students computers and information technology (IT) is a simple way so IT is easy to understand, simple to learn, and for learners to enjoy the benefits of having IT skills and computer knowledge.

Why do we do it?

To help students irrelevant of background, age, finances, English ability or stature. We have knowledge and wish to share our IT skills and computer knowledge.

How do we do it?

YouTube videos so far but courses will be coming soon. Look out for posts giving help in IT, computer science, computer programming and computer basics

Which computer programming language should I learn?

Python is easy, Scratch is the easiest way to learn programming and suitable for younger students. If you need another language such as JavaScript then you would know that you need to learn it as it for a specific reason e.g. web programming. Python is simple to learn and will help you learn Java, C++ or other languages.

When do I start?

Are you ready to learn how to code in python? Let’s start now!

How can we help you?

We wish to teach students computers and information technology (IT) is a simple way so IT is easy to understand, simple to learn, and for learners to enjoy the benefits of having IT skills and computer knowledge.

Students have many resources to learn programming but often reading books or watching videos does not lead to learning to code. The speed and language needs to suit your style of learning.

You only need a short time to master programming if you are guided by a professional instructor with decades of experience across multiple continents. If International students can program within a few lessons even when English is a second language then so can you!

A successful method of learning to code, used extensively at University, initially explains the programming concepts followed by a series of small tasks for practice.

At first everything is new and seems confusing but after a few lessons programming basics are understood. After that initial period of getting used to writing code, running the program and dealing with errors, students are able to write small programs.

Each week new programming concepts are learnt whilst the ability to write code improves with practice. Syntax errors are annoying but it is the logic of building the program that is the key to learning how to code.


YouTube Channel – the start

Have you ever had a boss that is … , let’s say not the best? Well sometimes good things come out of bad situations. Despite having months to prepare teaching material for University courses, we were not told what we were teaching until the last moment as a way of trying to gain respect and power (yes, very sad!). This meant we were supposed to teach by day and prepare by night.

At the same time a friend said he would love to be a YouTuber and the idea was born that if we have to spend our own time, unpaid, to prepare material for students why not share what we make with all learners? Help as many people as we can.

Soon after my students needed a way of revising functions before the exams and there was nothing really out there for International students, a simple guide with examples of python code explained in simple English. So the first (poor) videos were made overnight back on the 14th November 2017.

Other students seemed to like the alternative method of watching videos to learn about programming and YouTube is easy accessible. All videos were made in non-working hours and not related to the ‘day job’ but were timed to help students such as before exams to help with revision.

What is the simplest way to learn programming?

Listening to other teachers with respect it seemed starting at an easy stage and building from there was successful. Students were able to learn about programming and have fun at the same time. The dry, boring approach used previously was becoming less successful with each year of new students. Suddenly there was a new approach that made learning easier – this was to start with Scratch programming.

What is Scratch programming?

Scratch (MIT) is a visual tool that allows users to drag blocks to form a sequence of instructions like code. Because there is no text it is easier to start than text-based programming languages. In fact it is so easy that it is appropriate for kids. Just because it is easy does not mean it is not useful to learn programming.

Programming concepts

There are a handful of programming concepts that are shared by programming languages that are taught at the introductory level. Variables, loops, conditionals, functions etc. are used in programming languages like C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl and Python. These concepts are easily learnt using Scratch programming allowing students to have fun creating projects whilst also learning the basics of building code.

Scratch Programming to what?

Although many people learn Scratch there is nothing that follows. Moving to a text-based programming language seems difficult because it is so different and not so intuitive to learn. In the YouTube channel a series of videos helps coders move from Scratch to python by highlighting the programming concepts common to both.

What is the easiest programming language to learn?

Python. Some students that had learnt Java for other a year were given a choice to do their work in either python or Java. They stated they didn’t know python. After about three or four lessons on python they all chose python over Java. This has happened on several occasions so although my opinion is bias the experience of what students find easier agrees python is easier to learn than Java.

What about C++, JavaScript, Java & others?

Other languages are good languages to know but not necessarily good to learn first. If you wish to enter web or game development then JavaScript is a language you might want to learn. But you would need to understand HTML and CSS first and learning a language like python would also help. Java and C++ are also easier if you know another language and understand about object-oriented design and programming first.