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This website exists to truly help people, all people so that they can learn for free and to have access to any of the information on this website.

We aim to bring information technology (IT) to people, to educate people about computers, IT and programming. And to do this in a way that is easy to understand so it is easy to learn.

LATEST VIDEO SERIES: More Simple Python Tutorials

"Dr. Codie, great job. Every topic is explained logically and deeply. Best Tutorial on YouTube." "Thank you for the great tutorials on python."
"Hi sir thank you , you really did my requested video I highly appreciated it , now I understand "my blocks" more!" , "thank u and i love your tutorial"
I really like the way you are teaching this, very easy to follow along, and understand!

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python for beginners

Let’s keep it simple!
Python for beginners is suitable for absolute beginners, learners new to python and normal people that just want it to be easy to understand.


Scratch is suitable for absolute beginners and kids as it uses blocks to build code.

Don’t be fooled, just because it is easy, you can still learn basic programming concepts using Scratch. 

Scratch to python

Scratch is taught to many but nothing follows. Moving to a text-based programming language seems different.

But with a little help your knowledge using Scratch can help you learn python.


simple python

Python programming is used for so many reasons covering a wide range of applications from games to machine learning to web systems.

Simple python builds from python for beginners into new areas covering the basics to more advanced concepts and uses.

more simple python

Going further into using python there are many tools that we see in others code but don’t use ourselves.
In this recent series, we look at the tools available to help us that python provides. This includes list comprehensions, map, zip,  itertools and many more.

python fun and games

It is not all serious! Let’s have some fun and play some games.

Common games using a coin, dice or playing cards can be programmed in python.

python regular expressions

Regex or regular expressions are a language to themselves and seem daunting to the beginner. Python is a language used for language processing and web scraping among others and the knowledge of how to use regular expressions is very valuable.

Videos for IT & computer basics

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Videos on hardware

Internet basics

Database design video series


Various videos to help understand computer basics


A series of videos on software

learn Python

We have various videos to help you learn and improve your python coding